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SSPCC creates liaisons, connects the right people and organizations, and builds beneficial partnerships.

When working with clients, SSPCC's goals are:

  • To exceed client expectations
  • To ensure that the right studies are done at the right time, with the right documentation and oversight and at the right price
  • To accomplish client's objectives in an expedient and cost-effective manner
  • To address acute and immediate needs on a hands-on basis
  • To make recommendations that would contribute to the client's long-term success and minimize work overload
  • To link clients with corresponding services
  • What clients get from working with SSPCC:

  • Minimal start-up time and cost. Clients don't have to pay for training, orientation, or benefits
  • Immediate relief for overworked and/or understaffed departments
  • SSPCC's extensive knowledge base on multiple levels, from the academic institutions to CROs to broad and specific knowledge on all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and preclinical development
  • SSPCC's strategic approach to anticipating pitfalls of study programs
  • Strategic advice and recommendations for successful drug development and project management
  • Identification of possible problems and implementation of proven solutions

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